H A M I L T O N   R E M I X E D ( v o l .  1)  
(HAMILTON bands r/e/m/i/x/e/d by HAMILTON hands)
HAMILTON REMIXED” is a compilation of remixes by rad Hamilton producers of great Hamilton bands.
It’s a one-stop-shop-comp...and It’s just Vol. 1!
[ps. send me any fab tracks that I can add to vol. 2]
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Hamilton Remixed Vol. 1. ((tracklisting))       -click a band for their website-
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1.Room 100 (Miramichi's Existential Rmx)    Canadian Winter
2.Linda McCartney (Davids Redo)    Don Vail
3.Conflict of Remix (Kid Years Remix)    Cowlick
4.Viral Rock (the Dill Reno)        Lee Reed
5.Dead Walkie (Kid Years Beach Dub)    Davids
6.Feast or Famine (Slow Hand Motëm Remix Variation 2)    Lee Reed ft. Sarah Green
7.Sun Dried (Davids Redo)    Kid Years
8.Like Leather Thunder (the Dill Remix)    Slow Hand Motëm
9.Borderless (Miramichimix)    New Slang
10.You Know What U Are  (A Dex Remix) Take 2   Canadian Winter
11.Free Skin (Kid Years Remix)    Thin Lines
12.Go Diva (Handsome Sultan High Speed Modem Remix)    Slow Hand Motëm
13.River Styx (Canadian Winter Remix)    Lee Reed ft Sarah Green
14.Sundried (the Dill//Cowlick remix)    Kid Years
15.Getting it Right (Motëm's J Perrier Remix)    Canadian Winter
16.Wires (Davids redo)    Cowlick
Front Cover by: Jeremy Kemeny    Back Cover by: The Dill
A mixtape of sweet tunes that we dug in 2011.
Download it for yourself!
April 23/11
Dec 28/11
DEC 15/13
A mix of cool tunes that we dug in 2012.  Download it for yourself! Here
And many many more.
Download here.
DEC 31/12
“Songs w.e. dug in 2014 Dill & Skye”
Click HERE for the link.http://google.ca/http://google.ca/http://www.mediafire.com/download/dydcbl91dhzhwl7/Dill+&+Skye's+best+of+2014+mix.zip#39;s_best_of_2014_mix.zipshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1
DEC 21/14
DEC 12/15
Songs w.e. dug in 2015. Click HERE for the link.http://www.mediafire.com/download/36ch12iphhth47t/Dill_%26_Skye%27s_Best_of_2015_mix.ziphttp://www.mediafire.com/download/dydcbl91dhzhwl7/Dill+&+Skye's+best+of+2014+mix.zip#39;s_best_of_2014_mix.zipshapeimage_7_link_0